Having now uploaded the majority of the reviews from the original Carnal Cinema project (I have four or five up my sleeve which I’d like to rework slightly before reissuing), I have a better sense of the remaining work, should I ever choose to resume it. As stated on the ‘about’ page, my priority for the coming year is to focus  on Jess Franco and Jean Rollin. Uploading those old reviews did stir something within me though, even if it was only regret at not finishing what I’d started.

Anyway, in order to provide (something like) a comprehensive overview of the genre, I think I would need another 15 to 20 reviews. Off the top of my head, the gaps I would need to fill are as follows:

The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975)

Water Power (1976)

Through the Looking Glass (1976)

V – The Hot One (1977)

Pretty Peaches (1978)

Ecstasy Girls (1979)

Cafe Flesh (1982)

New Wave Hookers 2 (1991)

Nothing to Hide 2 (1993)

Dog Walker (1994)

Cafe Flesh 2 (1997)

Awakening (1999)

Dark Garden (1999)

Les Vampyres (2000)

Taboo 2001 (2001)

The New Devil in Miss Jones (2005)

Upload (2008)

Wasteland (2012)

The New Behind the Green Door (2013)

To access the existent reviews, click here.



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